Review: American Nightmare by Aittala

American Nightmare is the December 6, 2016 album by Raleigh, North Carolina based band Aittala which is a mix of classic heavy metal, progressive metal, thrash and hard rock comprising of Eric Aittala on guitar and lead vocals, Gary ‘Zeus’ Smith on drums and vocals, and Ali Lugo on bass. 

,I first heard this band on an online radio show by a friend Thomas Bennett aka DJ Loud and was immediately hooked.  This fourth full release with ten tracks showcases amazing vocals, heavy guitar riffs and driving drum beats on such tracks as the title track “American Nightmare,”Brainwashed,” “Incognito,”” Rise,” and much more, plus  a ballad called “Forgot.” 

I enjoyed this album from start to finish with the amazing songwriting work of Eric Aittala, as well as this band performance on this album and its great recording.  I am looking forward to hearing their earlier work so I can see the growth of this band from the beginning to the time of this album and their latest album that was released in September 2019 as well as seeing them perform live when they come into our area to play in April.  This is definitely a band you need to check out and add to your metal library.  To learn more about this amazing band, their other releases, and their tour schedule, go to their official website

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