Review: Amplified by The Wylde Things

As I work toward my 1600th music review, I have chosen for my 1584th review the album Amplified by the UK band The Wylde Things released May 11, 2019, on the Moonwood Recordings label which fuses hillbilly and blues with electronic trickery and the message that music can cross any genre and shake up your soul.  This amazing band consists of Gina Fashioni on vocals and keyboards, Monty Malpas on drums, tool shed percussion and drum programming, Rich Mawdsley on bass and acoustic guitars, Emma Mawdsley on vocals and keyboards and Lou Fashioni on guitar, keyboards and synthesizers.  

This twelve track album gets your body moving with that disco sound on the song “If You Don’t Want Love” and rock sound on such tracks as “Catch My Breath”, “Never Say Die” and many others going to the track “Things You Say (A Song For Lily),” which has a mixture of rock, disco and a bit of hillbilly thrown in (which was my favorite track off this album). 

I was quite impressed by the vocals and performance on this album, plus how it was written and recorded.  Looking at this album notes, I noted that this album is dedicated to Leanne (Lily) Johnson and also found out that all proceeds from the album will be donated to Cancer Research UK.  I am quite looking forward to hearing a whole lot more from this amazing band.  You can get your own copy of this digital download from Amazon, Bandcamp, and many other music outlets. Find out more about The Wylde Things at their website: and follow them on social media, via the links below.

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