NEW MUSIC Review: Blue Moon by the Dave Goddess Group

Today I want to present my 1573rd review, and it’s on an amazing album by the Dave Goddess Group with their new album Once In A Blue Moon to be released on February 28, 2020. 

The Dave Goddess Group is and Dave Goddess on lead vocals, guitars, and harmonica, Mark Buschi on bass and backing vocals, Tom Brobst on keyboards and saxophone, Chris Cummings on drums and backing vocals, Gary Gipson on guitars on backing vocals.  

This ten-track album of original songs has the great country-rock sound of such artists as The Eagles, Tom Petty, and many others. 

I enjoyed this album from start to finish with great vocals and harmonies, and amazing instrumental backup on such tracks as All Talk And No Action, the title track Once In A Blue MoonChinatownYou Can’t Fight Fire With FireWhen You’re Happy I’m HappyWhen The Lightning Strikes and much more.  I was quite impressed with this performance as well as the songwriting talent and recording. 

I highly recommend adding this album to your library.  This amazing album will be available on February 28th through Itunes, and their official website: where you can learn more about this band, their music and much more.  Check out their latest video
When You’re Happy I’m Happy below and be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel while you’re there.

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2 thoughts on “NEW MUSIC Review: Blue Moon by the Dave Goddess Group

  1. These guys have a well established body of work, so as much as I am delighted to see this new album getting such good press and am really looking forward to its release, to focus only on it is to overlook some of the best rock and roll out there today.

    1. Hey John, Thanks for your insightful comment, and we agree wholeheartedly. If this was a full feature on the band, we would have definitely expounded on their body of work. However, this article is a review with focus on the new music. We will definitely publish a full-length feature on this amazing band in the future, so stay tuned!

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