Review: Too Worn To Mend by American Beauties

The American Beauties are a folk-rock quartet from Somerville, Massachusetts who released their debut record Too Worn To Mend on October 16, 2012, with their own independent label.  The magic of this group is in its lineup of Michael A. Gray on vocals guitar and harmonica, Jonas Kahn on guitar, Justin Kolack on bass and Jeff Allison on drums and backing vocals. 

This eleven-track album, that is still getting a lot of radio airplay on independent radio stations and online radio shows, features such tracks as “On A String”, “Miles From Nowhere”, “Forever Like The Sea”, “Grace Under Fire”, “Gone Gone” and so much more. 


Their sound, to me, sounds like bands I grew up with like America, Bread, CSN, The Byrds and many others with amazing vocals and harmonies, impressive guitar work as well as a great performance, songwriting, and recording.  The only thing on this recording I noticed is that they could have increased the volume on the vocals, otherwise this album was recorded well. 

This album is available on from Amazon, Itunes, CD Baby and other music retailers where CDs and digital downloads are sold.  To learn more about this band, their music, and their tour schedule, go to their official website

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