Review: A Journey Beyond Understanding by Cousin Silas and Head Joint

A Journey Beyond Understanding is the January 31, 2015 album on the Petrogly Records label by Cousin Silas, the stage name of English electronic artist David Hughes and Head Joint, an progressive rock band featuring Victor Rivkin from Atlanta, Georgia on vocals, guitar, keyboards, trumpet and bass and Michael Jobborn from Ontario, Canada on keyboards, Hammond organ, guitars, piano, flute, violin, xaphoon, tin whistle, clarinet, pan flute, fife, and harmonica.

This nine-track album has a very unique sound which I found very relaxing with such tracks as the title track A Journey Beyond Understanding, An Adventure In An Unknown Star System, No Balance On The Moon Parts One Two and Three, plus much more. 

The first two tracks are over twelve minutes long.  I was quite impressed with the work on this album with how it was written, performed and recorded.  I am looking forward to listening to more music from this record label.  You can find this album from Discogs and

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