Review: Truce by Markus Reuter (featuring Fabio Trentini and Asaf Sirkis)

Truce is the upcoming album by guitar maestro Mark Reuter to be released on January 15, 2020, with the Moonjune Records label.  This is Moonjune Records’ historic 100th release on this great label.  This is my second review involving this amazing guitarist, the first being The Stonehouse by Wingfield, Reuter, Stavi, and Sirkis.  After hearing his work on that album, I was looking forward to hearing this one.  Mark Reuter is joined by the inspired rhythms of ace veteran timekeeper Asaf Sirkis, and renowned Italian bass phenomenon and producer Fabio Trentini

This album, with a mixture of progressive rock and jazz, features such tracks as SwoonagePower SeriesGossamer Things and many more. 


The album is well written, recorded and performed and is a great album to add to your music library which will be found in CD and digital download format from Moonjune Records, Bandcamp and many other music outlets on January 15th.  To find out more about this great artist and his other music go to his Bandcamp page

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