Review: Shadows From The Past by Lords Of The Trident

Shadows From The Past is the August 24, 2018 album by Lords of the Trident, a heavy metal band based out of Madison, Wisconsin on the Junko Johnson Records label. 

This amazing band consists of Asian Metal on lead guitar, Fang VonWrathenstein on lead vocals, Pontifex Mortis on bass, Baron Taurean Helleshear on lead guitars and Master Hercule Schlagzeuger on drums.  As I listened to the first track on this album first thing this morning it woke me better than a cup of coffee, my whole body started moving as this band showcases their great talent with heavy guitar riffs, awesome vocals and driving drum beat on such tracks as Death DealerTormentorBurn It Down (With Fire)Brothers Of CainThe GateKeeper and much more. 


I enjoyed this album from start to finish and was impressed with the songwriting and performance on this album as well as the recording.  I am hoping that this band will send me their earlier work as well as their latest album for me to review.  I

have become a major fan of this band and I know they will go far in their career and should be a major band in the metal world.  I hope they do a concert in this part of the country so I can see their performance live.  This album is available on CD and digital downloads from Amazon, Discogs, and many other music outlets.  I saw this is album is also available on vinyl and I need to get me a copy.  You can learn more about this band, their tour schedule and get merchandise and previous albums go to their official website

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