Pam Taylor Reminds Us – We Are Already Alright

Hey frans. I hope this finds you blessed beyond belief as we all shift into a new year. 2019 has been a wild ride and it hasn’t all been rainbows and sunshine.

This is the premise behind my song “Already Alright”… a song I wrote a long time ago for myself to get me through a dark time. As I scroll Facebook many of us including myself are going through a dark phase right now but what I have learned is that it’s actually all by divine order and it’s already alright. The Solstice has occurred and we are already on the upswing. I have been feeling the same low vibrations as you as I have many times before in this lifetime. I have learned that if I get quiet, find patience and remind myself lovingly to relax and repeat the lyrics to my own song as a mantra “It’s already alright”

I can self soothe myself when I feel the tension as I am upgrading. When I can do that, the process is much easier to go through. Trust and faith in this and believing I am worthy and ready to receive whatever blessings are coming next is so crucial for this transformation to happen. The light is coming. The light is actually already here. In this phase we are so close to it linear time is only an illusion. Much like being able to still see a stars light from millions of light years away, the light is always there. We can only see it in the darkness around us. I try my best to focus on that.

Just like a flower busting through the dark soil we will rise to the sun and blossom into our fullest potential. So make sure to nourish and fertilize the soil around you as best you can. This is what determines our potential as the flower of life. Every season there’s always the opportunity for this, so don’t worry too much about it.

I already see your light, just like we all can see the stars. When you are star-gazing you focus on the light to see the stars, not the darkness around them, right?  Now, that would make no sense. But the darkness is just as necessary to see them.

Maybe that’s what we need to do with each other. Focus on the light inside instead of any darkness you may see in another. Sounds like a good idea to me.

So in the coming new year, I wish more vision and focus on the light ourselves, in us all, for us all, by us all. Here’s to having perfect vision in 2020!

I would say “hang in there” but it’s time to just let go.
I love you all!

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LYRICS: “Already Alright” by Pam Taylor

Pam Taylor Music BM

As I walk on, I leave it all behind

and I’ll wake up tomorrow with no regret to find

It’s all I’ve ever known, but I gotta be movin’ on

I gotta take it easy, one step at a time

It’s all I gotta go though it looks like there’s million to climb

But my load is light

I’ve give up the fight

‘Cause it’s already, already alright

it’s already, already alright


I got to bring it cause it’s all on me

it’s what I was born to do and as I look back I can see

There wasn’t much I could do

I just had to make it through

‘Cause the time has come

For me to rise above

yeah, I can’t do no wrong

In the eyes of love

I’m safe under your wing

You guide and protect me

“Cause  It’s already, already alright

It’s already, already alright


I can’t escape a life I was meant to live

And as long as I want it I have got to give

All of the hard times will be a distant memory

Now that I get a chance to see what I, I’m meant to be


Cause it’s already, already alright

It’s already, already alright

Oh Oh, it’s already, already alright

it’s already, already alright

it’s already, already alright

it’s already, already alright

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