Colorado Spotlight: Cass Clayton

The first time I ever heard Cass Clayton, was the night she opened for Chris Daniels & The Kings at their 35th Anniversary celebration concert, at the Boulder Theater in April of 2019.

I had never even heard Cass’ name before, let alone her music. I was captivated from the first song, and became an instant fan. 

I went home that night and purchased every Cass Clayton song I could find. I fell in love with her deep soulful voice. When I reached out to Cass about the article I was writing on Chris Daniels, we became instant friends.

Cass Clayton & Kerry Pastine - 9/13/19 Photo credit: Kim Carney

My friendship with Cass Clayton, led me to many other amazing female musicians here in Colorado, including Kerry Pastine.

This summer, both Cass Clayton and Kerry Pastine & The Crime Scene, released new albums, and both sang back-up on each other’s records.

They celebrated the release of the new albums – Kerry Pastine & The Crime Scene’s City Of Love and Cass Clayton’s Play Nice, with a huge double-album release party at Dazzle, in downtown Denver. 

It was an incredible night of music and friendship, and Virtuosity Worldwide was privileged to be in attendance. 

Our connection with Cass and Kerry has also birthed another valuable project – She.E.O., an organization of women leading the way in entertainment, here in Colorado.

Virtuosity Worldwide is proud to be a part of this organization, and is committed to supporting and promoting She.E.O. and its mission.

Play Nice, the new album by Cass Clayton, and produced by Taylor Scott, is full of insightful lyrics, including the heartfelt, “Dawes County,” that celebrates where Cass was born and raised, and that strong, emotive voice we all love so much.

To get your copy of Play Nice, go to Cass Clayton’s website:, and be sure to follow her on her social media links below.

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