What Is Fate Alchemy?

What is Fate Alchemy, anyway?
When you break it down…
Fate is the development of events beyond a person’s control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power and alchemy is a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination of the two. Now, if you know anything about me, you know I believe in magic, supernatural powers and synchronicity. I even wrote a song about it called “Nirvana”. If you aren’t a believer in such things, you might think twice after I tell you the story of how I ended up with a song in the award-winning film, Fate Alchemy.

It all started a few years ago in Asheville when I was playing a show with my then band, Stolen Hearts. I stopped a beautiful young woman named Ashley, who looked a little sad and complimented her on her shirt and then gave her a hug. I didn’t think much else about it until about nine months ago when that same girl reached out to me on Facebook and said her good friend was making a movie and needed someone to sing “House of The
Rising Sun” for it, and she immediately thought of me. Of course I said yes!

Now let me back up a little bit. About fifteen years ago I started on my path to understanding the laws of the Universe, you know around the time “The Secret” was all
the rage, and I started to put the laws of manifesting to work. I created affirmations and writing things over and over in notebooks of things I desired. I have one notebook full of I am statements like, “I am a prolific singer songwriter and blues guitarist and tour with a world class blues band”. I know it sounds silly, but I was in a super dark place most of my twenties, so I was always looking desperately for a way out of my current situation. It seemed easy enough. What did I have to lose?

I put sticky notes all over my house and began to build the life of my dreams. I almost gave up so many times because I didn’t see results right away. I “cared” too much about the outcome and noticed the “not having” of the things I wanted too much. That was the hardest part to apply, by the way.

Little did I know as soon as I let go of that way of thinking, the things I truly desired, manifested like magic. Having my song in a movie was one of them. I started to see magic in my life. Having my songs played on the radio, having a #1 record, traveling the world and sharing my music are all dreams come true. 

Of course, I did tons of footwork, tirelessly and always felt drained. I worked a full time job, all the while diligently working on building my fan-base and gigging locally on the weekends. I got burned out. On top of that I got rejected so much, despite all my efforts sometimes, and that was tough. I still cared too much. I was working so hard, and actually blocking myself from the things I truly desired from paying too much attention at the “not having” of the things I wanted.

I decided to really put things to the test. I wanted to work less and achieve more. I mean, who wouldn’t want that? Although having a song in a movie was something I wanted, I never sent my songs out to publishing companies or anything to get “discovered”. Now, I wouldn’t tell anyone to stop trying for the things they want, just play a little more, and not work so hard. Make it a game.

Fast-forward to my first preview of the movie my song was now in…
I went over to Ace’s house, the director, to have a watch party and Ashley was there – she was his roommate. After we watched the movie and experienced it, I knew it was
something special. It most certainly gave me “the feels” and so did what happened next.

Ashley pulled out this cool little glass marble with a flower in it and started to tell me her
side of the story from that night in Asheville years ago. She said she was having a really bad night when I stopped and gave her a compliment and a hug in passing before my set.

After that her night magically turned around, and as she was walking outside, she stumbled on this beautiful glass marble and kept it. She had lost it until a few days before she overheard Ace and crew talking about who they should get to sing the song for their movie and she immediately thought of me and suggested they go listen to my music.

That’s how I ended up with a song in a movie. You can’t make this shit up!

Now, there’s even more synchronicity tied into some of the events in the movie and the recent tragedy my family has experienced with the mysterious and untimely death of my nephew. It just so happens that the release of the movie and this song line up with the timing of the tragedy.

The whole thing gives me chills, just like this song. Even more synchronicity is that so many things in the song, “House Of The Rising Sun” are eerily similar to my life as well, but those are stories for another time, another song.

The particular style the producer, Phillip Fleming wanted me to perform this song in is unlike anything I’ve ever done before and the mood it creates is perfectly placed in the climax of this sick & twisted dark comedy, much like my life, called Fate Alchemy.

Stay tuned for the official release of the award winning film – Coming Soon.


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