Bo DePena Hits The Open Road

Bo DePena is on tour. He plays in bars, breweries, rodeos, and honky tonks. Some of these places to name are Red Ants Pants Musical Festival, Shooters & Shenanigans, The Silver Dollar Showroom, and Spurs on First.  With names like that, Bo’s music has to be pretty good, earthy, and true to form.  Bo plays guitar and harmonica, and sings. His deep voice is strong, basic,  and with his carefully enunciated words one has to appreciate that he doesn’t let one word go misunderstood. It shows he cares, and he really does enjoy interactions with people and audiences. 

Bo DePena wants to show a human element to his music and career.  His genre is Alternate Country, Americana, Folk, Traditional, Blues, and Country. 

“One of the things that I would love the world to know is that I truly enjoy the interactions I have with people and audiences,” says Bo. “I want to be personable and real with the folks I play for, really let them into my life and vice versa. I think that sometimes gets lost with some musicians. I want there to be a human element and story to my music and career.”

“My long term career goals include developing a sustainable business model that allows me to live a very comfortable life through music and do it such a way that also allows me to employ other musicians, marketers, managers, etc.,” continues Bo. “I would like to develop a thoughtful enterprise that consists of my own musical endeavors, but also includes a network of other talented and ambitious artists. I hope that this enterprise gets involved in some sort of philanthropic work and gives back to the community.”

Bo has performed with Johnny Cash’s grandson, Thomas Gabriel. Bo has sang Cash’s songs, almost sounding like the King of Country. Bo has played over 150 shows in 2018. He has put a lot of miles playing from Texas to Colorado to Montana. His song “Montana Sky” is his fourth studio release,  May 15, 2018.

Bo grew up in Laredo, Texas and first picked up guitar at age seven. He fell into the Rock N’ Roll and Blues world, but soon found a depth and artistry in the country legends of Freddy Fender, George Strait, Willie Nelson, Merle  Haggard, Townes Van Zandt, and Asleep at the Wheel.  He has since lived in Austin, New York City, and Colorado, which has given him a diverse set of inspirations, many of which relate to love, loss, and the search to meaning.
Why did Bo choose the guitar? He saw Elvis on television and wanted to learn guitar. His mother instantly ran to the store and bought him one.  That one little purchase changed everything.   
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