#NewMusicAlert: “Escape” Ships Have Sailed

Like encouraging words from a good friend, “Escape”, the new single by Ships Have Sailed is sure to speak to your heart.

Los Angeles-based, Ships Have Sailed, is Will Carpenter (Vocals, guitar, production, composition) and Art Andranikyan (Drums). 

On the band’s website, Carpenter describes the band’s moniker, not as a pessimistic reference to the renowned idiom “that ship has sailed,” but instead a fresh, positive perspective on the unexpected outcomes of unforeseen circumstances.

“Escape” is the first single in a series of deeply meaningful songs they’re releasing into the world. “Everyone has struggled,” says Carpenter. “Those struggles turn us into who we become and these songs are an effort for me to be more honest with myself. They’ve rekindled my desire to create music again for the same therapeutic reasons I did in the first place.”

Get the new single and find out more about Ships Have Sailed here: http://smarturl.it/SHSEscapePivot

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