Virtuoso Tour Spotlight: Andrew Scotchie’s Winter Out West

“All of the venues on the Winter Out West Tour were a pleasure to work with.  So many treated us like family and that was so very much appreciated, since it was our first time playing all these cities.” ~Andrew Scotchie

Photo credit: Tom Farr

Andrew Scotchie & The River Rats, just returned home, after a wildly successful tour and we caught up with them to get the low down.

The River Rats’ Winter Out West Tour began with a celebratory send-off on January 23rd at Ambrose West, in their hometown of Asheville, North Carolina and spanned six states, including Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Utah & Idaho.

We asked Scotchie about the venues the band performed at, since it was their first time playing in all of them.

“A good venue/business is defined by its people and trust me, we met and worked with some of the best! A venue we played in Colorado that comes to mind immediately, is the Old Town Pub in Steamboat Springs. Sean Regan and his whole entire crew/family over there are amazing people and have a genuine gift for bringing great shows into town.  The food, the atmosphere, the sound/lights and people we were surrounded with, truly felt like home.  I cannot wait to go back. We felt a strong connection to the Westport Saloon in Kansas City. Thank you Travis and the whole team over there for having us in at the beginning and end of the tour when the snow storm took hold.  Westport Saloon is a stronghold for original music in Kansas City,” Scotchie said. 

Photo credit: Tom Farr
Photo credit: Tom Farr

“In Boise, Idaho we had a two night run at the amazing Tom Grainey’s downtown.  The 2nd night was actually a Tom Petty tribute similar to Steamboat Springs.  We stayed with Micheal Blumenstein (of Bread and Circus) and got to really experience the city.  Micheal and his wife Amanda are a vital part of the heart beat that drives the Boise community.  It is truly inspirational the amount of love and creativity they invest in those around them. Ullrs Tavern in Winter Park, Colorado was really accommodating and it was a pleasure to join the family of musicians that have played that stage.  We also really enjoyed our acoustic show in Boulder, Colorado at the Laughing Goat.  Very attentive crowd and playing in a stripped down setting like that was a nice change.” 

“We’re very thankful for all the venues that hosted us and we can’t wait to go back ASAP!” he said.

This was the first time the band had been west and we asked Scotchie to list the top three new things they experienced during this tour. Here’s their answers:

#1 – Colorado

“So many people have been telling me over the years to get the band out to this beautiful state.  Friends and fellow musicians raved about the scenery, the sense of community and the venues.  I truly understand now what they meant!  Colorado will forever hold a special place in my heart. People eat up passionate live music and the arts are blossoming in every direction.  Looking forward to experiencing the state in Spring and or Fall soon!”

Photo credit: Tom Farr
Photo credit: Tom Farr

#2 – Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado

“Wow.  What an amazing landmark/venue and piece of nature.  I’ve played Montana and traveled in Alaska, but Red Rocks is a marvel all its own.  We recorded an acoustic video on the infamous stage that people can watch via the bands FB page.  I’ll never forget doing those takes and just looking up at the top of the venue and thinking about all the amazing acts that have graced the stage there.  I look forward to the day when its our turn,” said Scotchie. 

(We have a feeling that Red Rocks performance will happen for the River Rats, in the not-too-distant future.)

#3 – Sawtooth Mountains

“We played two shows in Sun Valley, Idaho and a festival in Stanley the next day.  In those 24 hours we traveled through some of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever seen.  Simply google the Sawtooth Mountains and you will see for yourself.  Some of the roads were rough and without guard rails, but i’m happy to say we made it safely home and I’m grateful for all the nature we got to experience.”

Photo credit: Tom Farr

Now that they’ve wrapped their Winter Out West Tour, what’s next for Andrew Scotchie & The River Rats?

“For the month of March, we are using any down time to plan for the summer and fall.  This coming April we return to West Virginia, to perform a special hometown show and hit the college town of Boone, NC.   In May, we will do a tour of the outerbanks, that will include Corolla, NC and Ocracoke to name a few.  We plan to release a new single/video soon to follow up the 2018 album Family Dynamo and will also do another “Rat Sabbath” show this June where we pay tribute to Black Sabbath.  People can also expect some festival announcements soon,” said Scotchie.

Andrew Scotchie- Guitars/Vocals 
Keith Harry- Bass/Vocals 
Amanda Hollifield –
Drums/Percussion/Director of all things nice
Tom Farr – Video /photos / Director of best places to take naps 
Speakeasy Artists/Justin Roper – Booking agent 
Photo credit: Tom Farr
Andrew Scotchie plays Fender instruments and uses Ernie Ball strings.
Keith Harry plays a Schecter Bass 
Amanda Hollifield uses Yamaha drums and Vater drum sticks 
For more info on the band, tour info or to shop their supercool merch, visit their website at

Note from the band: 

Special thanks to Lexington Community Radio. KKFI in Kansas City, Cindy & Jim Donohoo, Sunvalley Magazine, Slug Magazine in Salt Lake City, Yeti, Danielle Dror, Justin Roper, The Velikoffs, Howie and Ronnie in Grand Junction, Keiths Brother Jay in Conifer Co, Thomas in Salt Lake City, Michael and Amanda Blumenstein, Idaho Ron and Rick 312.  Thank you EVERYONE who made this tour possible!

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