#PeterPam ~ All You Need Is A Little Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust

An invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break. ~Chinese Proverb


When you hear the story of Pam Taylor and Peter Von aka #PeterPam, you will understand that old Chinese Proverb and believe it to be  true. Whether you believe in soulmates or not, it’s clear these two kindred spirits are connected by a powerful thread of music, friendship and intimacy.

Photo credit Ken Voltz

South Carolina native, Pam Taylor, has been making music and “songs you can wear” for years (check out her amazing handmade jewelry here: SH Creations.)

After the breakup with her personal and professional partner, Pam struck out on her own and has been making a solo name for herself, releasing her debut album Steal Your Heart in 2017 and winning, both Artistic Echoes Blues Artist Of The Year and LA Music Critic Blues Artist Of The Year.

Meanwhile, Peter Von, a Graphic Designer and musical enthusiast, living in Charlotte, NC, had only played bass and drums in high school bands and throughout his adult life, as a hobby — until the meeting with Pam Taylor, that changed the trajectory of both his personal and professional life. 

Photo credit Elliott Schwartz

In August 2018, Jim McGuire of Studio 1212, scored Pam a slot at the Five Elements Festival at Fort Awesome in North Carolina. Pam and Peter met briefly as Peter was unloading gear for his band’s set and Pam was in the middle of playing hers. 

Peter says the first thing he heard was her angelic voice and then he saw her. When asked how he would describe that moment, Peter says, “It was like angels singing.” After Pam’s set, he introduced himself, they exchanged pleasantries and then went their separate ways.

Two weeks later, Pam was booked at a local outdoor concert in Asheville, but they required acts to be at least a duo in order to get paid. Pam needed the money and quickly started thinking of local musicians she could ask to join her. One of the first people she reached out to was Peter Von and he accepted.

Due to Hurricane Florence, they never did play that show. Instead they hunkered down and spent time getting to know each other


In the early days of their relationship, Pam took Peter to her favorite spot – 40 Acre Rock. They spent the day hiking, exploring the caves, soaking in the waterfall, pretending sticks were magic wands and falling in love.

At one point, Pam asked Peter what his favorite comic book character was and, in unison, they both began singing the theme from Bat Man. Pam says that while they were singing, a large flock of bats came flying out of the cave. They swarmed around, several feet in front of the couple and abruptly, two bats fell to the ground, as if they had collided. Pam says with a laugh, “We weren’t sure if they were f*cking or fighting!’

As the sun was setting on their adventurous day together, Peter and Pam sunk into their very first kiss.  As their lips parted, Peter grabbed his camera and asked Pam how she would pose, if she had angel wings and the power to do anything. Pam jumped into her warrior pose.”Click”, Peter got the shot and the fiery, sunset clouds gave Pam her angel wings. 

Photo credit Peter Von
Photo credit Ken Voltz

Now together six months, #PeterPam, also known as Pam Taylor & The Flying Vs (named for Von, as well as Pam’s Flying V guitar) have been working on new music together,  playing local shows and are planning an extensive tour of the U.S. in the couple’s RV this summer. 

This is quite a turn of events for Peter, as before this, he had never performed professionally. He’s acclimating quickly though, with Pam showing him the ropes. Peter says he had his “A Star Is Born” moment when, recently, a fan approached him after a show for an autograph. And we have no doubt there are a lot more autographs to sign in their future.

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Amazing event poster created by the talented Peter Von
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