February is the month we launched Virtuosity Worldwide, and it’s also the birth month of one of the most brilliant artists I’ve ever known, so it’s only fitting that our very first Virtuoso Fine Arts Spotlight is my late brother, Steve Morley.

Steve was creating artwork before he could even write his name. I remember one evening, when Steve was about four years old, we all went out to dinner. The waitress brought us crayons and coloring sheets. I chose a crayon and started coloring one of the sheets the waitress had brought us. Not my brother. He turned his paper place mat over and proceeded to create an elaborate and very detailed depiction of an outer space war, complete with exploding spaceships and annihilated planets. My brother’s creativity always went way beyond the average mind and his effortless talent was boundless.

Steve was a “starving artist throughout his entire adult life. He pursued an education in art, but never found his niche. He worked menial jobs to get by, but all he ever wanted, was to create art for a living. 

Sadly he never got his wish, but that didn’t stop him from painting, sculpting, writing and drawing comics. Steve was always creating something.

Throughout Steve’s artistic career, he mastered many mediums, including oils, watercolor, charcoal, collage, sculpting, graphic design, caricatures and comic book creation. He’s also written four novels and dozens of short stories, that will soon be published.

At the time of Steve’s death, in July of 2018, he was diligently working on a story for the local Junktown Comic Book Project. He died before it was completed, but the Junktown staff went ahead and printed his story, to honor his memory. 

Special thanks to The Art Center of Grand Junction, Colorado, for exhibiting some of Steve’s amazing work, throughout the entire month of December 2018!

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